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Tbilisi, Tbilisi Sports Palace

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This year, and the next one, Zemfira plans to give a series of concerts in Europe and CIS countries. In the spring of 2024, she already has performed in the United States and Spain, and the CIS countries are next in line.

The rock singer promised to release a new album in 2024-2025. The specific release date is not announced yet, but it is already known that it will be called "Colette", as well as the title track in it, which Zemfira presented in April 2024. Judging by the first track, the record promises to be something completely new in Zemfira's work in terms of sound and lyrics. While the singer is doing studio work, she’s pleasing her fans with live concerts at the same time.

Tickets for Zemfira's Concert – they include old and favorite hits that have already become legendary, as well as an opportunity to be the first to hear compositions that may be included in her new album.

For 25 years of her musical career, Zemfira has delighted us with dozens of first-class compositions about love, feelings, relationships, freedom, and worldview. It is interesting to listen and re-listen to them in recordings, and also in live performances, they take on special colors thanks to the singer's voice and distinctive style of performance. The lyrics of I looked for (Искала), Arrivederci (Ариведерчи), Forgive Me, My Love (Прости меня, моя любовь), Daisies (Ромашки), and other timeless songs are known by heart even by those who do not consider themselves big fans of her music, which says a lot.

Tickets for Zemfira Concerts

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